Engaging a Business

The Business-to-Business marketing channel requires a dedicated team of experienced operators who are experienced in gaining the attention of a business owner and engaging with them on a business level.The benefits of using a dedicated business-to-business (B2B) team are massive and not only include the scalability to expand into different territories and maximise existing territories but there is often a leverage situation with the employees of the business. Our teams are experienced in delivering across a variety of campaigns and are incentivized to deliver results without compromising on standards. Our Business-to-Business agents will probably visit 30 to 40 work places in a day. However, as there are many employees there – the ability to maximise each contact is phenomenal. A quality donor is an employed donor. Recruiting people through our B2B channel can guarantee this criteria is met.


This channel has the least amount of activity or focus from marketing agencies, so the territory is under utilized and returns a very active sign up rate per contact.We are also able in most cases to be able to sell higher value products in this channel and makes this a very profitable avenue for both The Patriot Group and our clients.Business to Business is a channel that opens up many opportunities for product development and higher value sales.


Why Use This Channel?

One of the advantages that our clients love about this channel is that it is easier for them to present their marketing materials and message in a non-threatening but high volume channel.Similar to the Face-to-Face channel the volume of people that they speak with is in the vicinity of 120 to 150 people per day.  With a higher strike rate of 1 in 20 likely in this channel there is usually a decent volume of willing customers.The quasi-retail environment conveys credibility and gives the sales team exposure to a solid volume of potential buying traffic.

Event Promotions

Our “paid site” or “events” teams operate under a quasi-retail environment in both large and local shopping centres and malls. All of The Patriot Group’s teams are very experienced in working with displays and demonstration materials. They are also constantly using their refined skills engaging in the highly developed techniques required to gain the attention of patrons within this closely monitored and often restrictive environment.

Four key advantages of using this channel are;

1) You are talking to people who are in a buying/shopping mindset.

2) Clients have the opportunity for branding space (Banners, Displays and Demonstrations).

3) There is usually a good steady stream of potential customer volume going through the centre.

4) It is a great channel for us t o train, monitor and build sales techniques.



High Volume Results

Door-to-Door sales is not a new innovation – the practice has been around for centuries; however the landscape in which we now operate has changed and compliance is king.The Patriot Group are proven industry leaders in delivering high volume results, intuitive market knowledge combined with modern data and technology. This enables our clients to receive a result above industry averages in both quantity and quality of sales. We are an experienced solution provider in both Metropolitan and Regional markets.Door-to-Door sales has so many benefits due to the nature of where the engagement happens. While the numbers are a bit different on a volume level than what is experienced with Face to Face and Event Sales, Door-to-Door continues to deliver and out perform other channels to markets.

  Door-to-Door Agents

Each day our agents will arrive on the field around lunchtime. Each agent is assigned with a territory equal to between 80 and 100 homes. They will then go through their assigned territory for the first lap of the day. While going through the area during the day they record which of the homes are vacant. It is on this first lap that they tend to speak to pensioners and shift workers. The 2nd lap usually occurs around 3 to 4pm at which time they will talk to parents returning home from school pick up and others who they may have missed on the first lap of the territory.The final lap of the day or the “prime time” lap is when the agents will make contact with the few remaining houses – which in most cases are the residents who are returning from work for the day.As The Patriot Group adheres strictly to a 6pm cut off period in line with the Australia Consumer Laws (which govern knocking times) we will have finalised our activity for the day.Unlike the other channels to market, it is likely that a door-to-door agent will only speak with around 30 to 40 people per day. With an average of 1 in 15 sales going through the strike rate is better but with a lower volume of people seen per day, the sales are usually good quality but with a lower quantity.

Engaging on a Personal Level

Face-to-Face marketing is a highly effective and engaging way to interact with customers. This method works particularly well in appealing to potential donors in the fundraising industries. Guided conversations and human interaction can educate and inspire a response and therefore a donation or sale.Our clients will receive access to our professionally crafted approach to engaging people in a face-to-face environment.The Patriot Group receive a commission based on providing a successful donor or customer for our clients. In the course of a normal day one Face-to-Face agent will have around 180 to 200 interactions with passer-by traffic.

Why Face-to-Face Marketing?

With an average of 1 in 30 people going through the sales process till completion that leaves 29 others that receive a message and have at least some education about our client and their cause. This means that the client receives a proliferation of their message delivered in person by a professional to hundreds of people a day without incurring a cost for the promotional activity.Our clients receive their message personally delivered by an experienced, well trained and highly motivated agent. We use un-obstructive well-received stopping approaches to engage customers in a conversation, then by using questioning techniques and hot topic points to stimulate a two-way engaging conversation around the client’s message we steer the conversation through the sales process and close the sale with a positive personal touch.Our clients love using The Patriot Group for Face-to-Face marketing as we are able to deliver results without compromising in our standards or creating customer complaints.Face-to-Face Marketing delivers an opportunity to get your message to the masses.



Outsourcing Sales

If you want to reach out to people on a personal and individual level, you should consider outsourcing your sales activity.The Patriot Group are experts in engaging directly with customers and understand their needs with a professional and personal touch. Nothing beats sales experience. We are well trained, highly skilled and knowledgeable sales representatives.If you are looking to scale this process and move your distribution network to a larger national and international scale, you need to work with a proven outsourced supplier in the personal sales or direct sales industry.Sales activity is increased because we are highly committed to providing optimal service and are driven by results.Due to the ease in which we integrate with our clients operationally and our focus on “becoming the client” we have found that many clients have moved on from using their internal sales teams and have embraced the opportunities to scale up by outsourcing to a professional sales agency.Some of the benefits that differentiate our service offering from others in the market is our focus on compliance without compromise.

Our Approach

When our clients partner with The Patriot Group they receive a work force that is not only compensated on a base plus incentives (which provides comfort around agent behaviour), the workforce is engaged with a compliant system that ensures agents are fulfilling statutory obligations such as Tax payments, work cover and other insurances.  This gives our clients peace of mind that their sales teams are legitimate and no legal backlash around workforce engagement flows onto their reputation.Our partner approach is always hands on and our clients receive personal attention and response to any issues that may arise.We do not operate with levels of franchises or sub-contracted agencies – so the control sits with us and we are able to remove layers that often confuse and frustrate clients in delivering their message to the front line.Most importantly our senior management team have over 25 years of combined experience in building teams from the ground up – we do not and will not poach our teams from other suppliers.  This adds value to the whole industry as we are building further capacity rather then stealing from others and repackaging it as our own.While we are more than happy to compete with other suppliers in the market and understand that many of our clients like to ensure they have a benchmark of comparison – we believe that at Global Interactive our approach is far enough removed from others that we are focussed on long-term partnerships rather than a simple contractual arrangement.At The Patriot Group e we focus on creating not competing.